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Google the largest search engine in various parts of the world, seems to boycott almost all the websites of certain experienced webmasters even though their websites have excellent high quality content, as part of its policy to destroy competition and retain its monopoly over the market, especially in India . These webmasters are boycotted by google and receive very little traffic, as google wants to destroy the webmaster financially and force the webmaster to agree to identity theft by mediocre lazy liar cheater women with powerful friends and families, as part of google's hidden strategy to increase its influence.

In particular the unethical company google has allegedly ensured that bangalore cybercrime does not take action against its cheater protege housewife nayanshree hathwar,wife of guruprasad hathwar as reward for cheating this webmaster of more than rs 1,1 lakh, falsely claiming that the fraud nayanshree hathwar, is an experienced webmaster, engineer from a top engineering colleged when actually the mediocre cheater nayanshree hathwar has never managed a website, and has no engineering degree, experience or qualification . A few other heroines for google india are goa's crooked medical electronics diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, who has commited corporate espionage on the experienced webmaster, bsc sunaina who stalks the webmaster,

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