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However, there are unlike other ranking methods for websites which do not discriminate against specific webmasters according to the ownership of a website, and rank a website solely on the quality of the website, especially content irrespective of who owns the website . These ranking factors are also updated more regularly allowing the webmaster to make the necessary changes.

Hence a webmaster who realizes that he or she has been boycotted by google to force them to agree to identity theft, should not bother about ranking in google, as it will be a futile task. All their effort will be wasted. They should consider other methods of developing and ranking the website, so that they can earn some money from the website to cover the cost of domain renewal, webhosting. Webhosting for 1 year will also be included.

While it will be easy to develop a website, getting relevant links can be difficult if the webmaster does not have a large budget. Link exchange requests may not work or have a very low success rate, hence a link building package will be the best option initially. Even if the links are not from high traffic websites, at least the website will get indexed by search engines. A website with no backlinks may not be indexed by search engines for many months.

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