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Starting a website will be very easy, and if successful, many will invest more money online. However, despite spending large amount of money online, powerful officials and companies will intentionally deny information to the domain investor/webmaster that the internet is closely connected to intelligence agencies and other details, despite making repeated request for the same, the same information will be readily to all cheater young women who falsely claim to be associated with the webmaster.

As a result, if the webmaster earns a lot of money, after investing money online, these officials will falsely accuse the webmaster of having an illegal business as they do not bother to understand the business model of the webmaster. All computers of the webmasters will be hacked, making it difficult to connect to the internet, retirement savings stolen, and these officials will try to freeze all the bank account of the domain investor and webmaster, by making false allegations without proof, to destroy the life of an innocent person who they are jealous of and hate.

The domain investor and webmaster will realize the harsh reality of the indian internet sector, only after many years, and investing a very large amount, making it difficult to exit quickly without a major loss. The retirement savings of twenty years of the webmaster will also be stolen, allegedly by indian government agencies, making the online business the only source of income. Parking revenue has decreased to a very large extent in the last few years.

In such cases, when stuck with non productive online assets which cannot be liquidated quickly, developing the domain into website will be the only option for the domain investor, whose retirement savings are stolen. we hope that officials who make false allegations against innocent webmasters, realize that some skills, investment, effort and time are needed to develop a website, and if others invest a similar amount, time, have the same skills, experience, they too can earn the same money. If a business owner starts a factory after investing money, and he can make a profit, why should a domain investor who has invested a large amount not make a profit

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